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yesterday was Nate Berkus Day, June 14. this was originally suppose to be posted yesterday, but i got so busy and wasn't able to post it until today. but i can still celebrate Nate Burkus today! ever since i first discovered him on the Oprah show, i fell in love. besides being absolutely adorable, my attention was quickly redirected from how cute he was to how talented he is. i was an instant fan of his work. i truly admire his work and his amazing eye for detail. i think he is one of the most well rounded designers. what do i mean about well rounded? well, he can take any room and turn it into a sophisticated, glamorous, romantic space, or he could turn any room into a modern, sophisticated chic space. what ever your style is, he can do it. i'm not an expert, but this is what i see when i view his work. he is hands down one of the best interior designers today. the quality of his work is impeccable.

i remember watching him transform this very tiny apartment on the Oprah show, into the most fabulous luxurious space. it was a joy watching him transform all those rooms. now we can enjoy him and his new show coming this fall. i will have my tivo ready.

also, check out all the bloggers who celebrated Nate Burkus day all images via two of my favorite blogs:


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