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I Love "STARLA Sandals"....

it's Summertime Ladies and you know what that means, it's Toe Time! time to pull out a great pair of sandals to show off our fresh pedicures. i love these beautiful sandals, all from "Starla Sandals". there's nothing better than a pair of luxurious sandal on your feet with high quality leather and glamorous crystals. this is why i love this company, "Starla Sandals" so much because each sandal is handmade using the best quality of materials. i call these "Show Stopper Sandals" because they cause a crowd where ever you go.

i love them because you can wear them casual or dressy. any of these beautiful sandals would go perfect with any summer outfit. wear them to an evening party or just out on a nice hot summer day. where ever you choose they will look GLAMOROUS on your feet.

i just got the pink sandals, the first pair and they are FABULOUS! i love them because of the good leather and the suede lining straps to make my feet feel luxury at its best, and of course the glamorous bling. to see more beautiful sandals like these, make sure to check out the website "STARLA SANDALS". also, just to let you know, they do free shipping and handling (U.S. only).

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