Spring is here

Sources: 1, 3 David Hamilton, 2 private, 4 unknown
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Oscar de la Renta

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Silent moments of beauty

The smell of fresh flowers, a good book, paintings in a gallery...
Images: 1 Marguerite Kelsey painted by Meredith Frampton, 1928, 2 Picture of Clara bow, 3 Photo by John Rrawlings
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Hawaii, 1940s

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Dior, and the beauty of accessories

Here are a few images from Dior's latest collection that show the beauty of accessories which was the theme of my last post. Of course the dresses in the show are overwhelming, but I think that it's the accessories that adds the personality to the outfits. And the accessories we see in the collection are truly are pieces of art, whether it's a fancy hat or a more simple glove covering the arm.

Source: style.com
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The beauty of accesories

Illustrations by René Gruau. Source
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London nostalgia

Sometimes I miss wandering around in the streets with my friends, going to vintage and charity shops for new clothes and inspiration, looking at books and at people, checking out museums with art or history, listening to people playing gigs in a pub.
 Photos: private
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Shoe shopping in 1945

Source: myvintagevogue
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A perfect dress

I love everything about this dress; the colour, the length and style, the fitted waist and the neckline. I can't afford to buy it, but maybe one day I'll make myself a similar one...
Dress by Jason Wu, picture from style.com
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Birthday wishes

The days in Israel are still warm but this embroidered jumper would be perfect for the chilly nights, and a pretty notebook for all the Hebrew words I'm learning would also be nice.
 Photos: unknown
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This is one of the more simple outfits I've seen on Dita von Teese, but nonetheless beautiful. I like the classical combination of black with gold details and red lips.



Stockings and lingerie :)

If you like stockings and lingerie then take a look at these links!

Vintage Stockings (pictures, films, history)
19 Rules for Your Lingerie
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Suzy Parker, 1950s

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Glamour on a Friday

To those who commented on my last posts, thank you very much! It has been interesting to read what you think.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Shabbat shalom!
Drawing by Caitlin Shearer, photos unknown
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Short or long skirts

The first picture is from the 1950s, the second one from 2004 and one of the few differences is the length of the skirts.

Being in Jerusalem for a few weeks, surrounded by a lot of religious people dressing in a much more modest way that I am used to, has made me think about the way I and a lot of other people from a western culture expose our bodies to get attention.
I must admit that I like the attention from men, or even other girls, when I wear something that I look sexy in. But do those clothes stop people from seeing who I really am on the inside?

What do you think?
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Pretty Lounging......

Models Alessandra Ambrosio and Beatriz Barros for Vogue Nippon, October 2010, Photos by Solve Sundsbo



Lovely Bathroom.....


Hello everyone! It's so good to be back! I've been missing in action because I sent my one and only child off to college. Very happy time, but also very difficult. I miss my son dearly, but I'm so proud of him! Today, I'm doing soooo much better. I talk to him almost everyday and he is just enjoying school and meeting new friends so much. These are his college years and I want him to create the best memories of his life, meet life long friends and study, study and give his school the best he can give.

So, I'm back now! Probably won't be posting as much as I was before, now that I'm and empty nester, I have a lot of projects that I've always wanted to do, and now that I have the time, I'm going for it. Time for me to get into self more, discover new things about me. It feel so funny believe me, not having my little duck trailing behind me, but now that he is grown and moving forward, I must do the same. So this is an exciting time for me also.

I want to thank every one of you who left me a note while I was gone, Thank you! You guys are so sweet!

I Love Shoshanna's bike....

So cute! I love the colors of Shoshanna's bicycle. I need a new bike. I found some lovely ones over at ADELINE ADELINE. Great place to find those vintage style kind of bicycles. I love them, bicycles are perfect year round. Well, I guess depending on where you live. Anyone knows of any other websites for vintage style bicycles?

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