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above are some of my favorite picks from Anthropologie. i fell in love with the "After the Revolution"necklace as you can see, and had to show it in all three colors. i love the tulle, brooches and beads. so cute! i'm really loving these wood beads ever since i saw them on the Martha Stewart show. i have been going nuts over them. especially the big ones. Martha and a guest were dying these large beautiful beaded necklaces in soft pastel colors. they were gorgeous and very affordable. the beads were from Michaels Craft store and it looked like the necklaces were from a high end boutique. did anyone see that show?

i would wear these necklaces with a simple white dress or a lovely tank top and shorts
and a nice pair of simple sandals. i wouldn't want to have too much going on. the necklace is enough. LoL! i'm crazy, don't mind me. also, just look at that fabulous green sandal. loving the color! would go perfect with a Summer white outfit. i love wearing white and dressing it up with color in the summertime.

p.s. Thanks to all of you who left me a very nice "Happy Birthday" wish. i truly do appreciate it. :)

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