Snow angels

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I made fours angels today. Lay down in the deep snow and watched the dark sky. The winter is truly beautiful; all the white, the silence, the cold, and the shiny ice.

I know a lot of people hate these cold months, but it really is unnecessary to let some minus degrees or wind ruin your day. You only need to dress properly, and it can absolutely be done without looking ridiculous. Here's some inspiration:

Wool is definitely the best thing to wear when it's cold. (You'll still feel warm if you're wet, your skin can breathe and you don't need to wash it often because of the special fibres.) Instead of wearing a really thick and heavy jumper or coat you should wear several thinner layers, which both looks and feels nicer.
This is how I dress most of the winter: one or two wool tights, one or two thin wool tops with long sleeves, two pairs of wool socks, a skirt, wool cardigan if it's cold, warm leather boots, warm coat (100% wool), mittens, knitted wool scarf and on colder days a hat.

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