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My Christmas tumblr

feeling cozy? these beautiful homes just warm my heart. i only wish i were in the snow. funny thing is, i've seen snow, but never like this. only when it's in the middle of it's melting process. i also have never seen it fall. i know, sad. i often wonder though, if i did see snow covered everywhere and it's just white all over, how would i take it. sounds weird, i know, but i'm one of those people who gets frightened if i'm too close to mountains or water. i have to be a distance from huge, big things. i remember when i went through this canyon here in Southern California, i was so scared. the mountains were on each side of me and they were huge. i don't know what you call it, but it is very strange. like for instance, if a house is too big with a lot of windows, it freaks me out. LOL!!!! i'm sitting here just laughing at myself. and guess what? i love Chateaus and Castles, so what would that be like for me to see it in person. i'm just weird like that. i know i'm afraid of heights, but this is crazy. LoL!!! sorry, still laughing at myself. and what's so weird, i love big furniture pieces and big books, you know like those coffee table books. but, its not the same as big mountains and huge houses. anyway, i found these lovely images all at this very pretty blog or tumblr should i call it, My Christmas Tumblr. very nice! check it out.

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