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Breath Taking.....

Is this not the most beautiful interior you've ever seen? So feminine and beautiful! I discovered this post over at one of my favorite blogs "Haute Design" by Sarah Klassen. Sarah always post the best images! Her eye for beauty is absolutely amazing! She is such and inspiration to me. Thank you Sarah! :)

Speaking of inspiration, I have a few more blogs I would like to share with you guys that are out of this world AMAZING! I chose these ladies because of the outrageous eye candy you always find on their blogs. I mean, every post just gets better and better. Who does that? How do they do that? I don't know. But I LOVE It! They make my mouth drop and my heart patter. Sometimes, I have to catch my breath. So I just wanted to do a little shot out.

Of course I can't name them all in just one post, but I'll name the rest (other blogs) later. I'm sure these are some of your favorites too. But for those of you who haven't seen or visited these blogs yet, please click away. This is where I find my daily inspiration. These ladies just make my mouth drop with every visit. Check them out! You'll see. :)

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