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I've been tagged by Hila from le project d'amour to list seven facts about myself and I've been given the Beautiful Blogger Award by Francy from Pixie Drive-In. As a part of this award I'm also supposed to write seven things about myself, but please excuse me for writing seven facts only once. Thank you very much Hila and Francy for tagging me!

- I drink a lot of tea
- I'm quite structured and organised
- Red is my favourite colour but I rarely wear anything red (except from lipstick)
- I have to sisters and I'm the oldest one
- When I was a child I wanted to become a detective
- Now I have a dream about starting a lingerie shop sometime in the future
- I started this blog to gather all the pictures that inspire me in one place

I pass the award on to Fröken Lila, Benedicte (snegourotchka), Little Rascal, Treacle (Lingerie Addict), Betty Lou, Greetz from Tiz  and Jessica (Chronically Vintage)

Please list seven facts about yourself and pass the award on to seven other bloggers! :)

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