Spring dreams

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Everyone is talking about the spring, but it's really not here in Oslo yet, and let's face it - it's not gonna come quite yet either. I did see the sun today, but as it's still several minus degrees and tons of snow outside spring clothes are only to find inside the closet, in shops and of course in people's dreams. It would be lovely to wear a pair of ballerina flats instead of two pairs of wool socks and some thick leather boots on my feet, and I'd feel wonderful in a dress and bare legs instead of.. well a dress and legs covered in black wool tights. And I've started to miss wearing my leather jacket instead of a winter coat. It's not actually the winter I'm complaining about, but I just feel so uninspired by the winter clothes now and have started to dream about a spring wardrobe inspired by the 40s, 50s and rock.

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