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A big THANK YOU to Tracey, Gail, and Typhanie for these awards,

Thank You ladies for thinking about me, how sweet are you! i truly do appreciate these two lovely awards. i pass these two awards to all bloggers because so many of you are truly an inspiration to me. it would be too hard for me to choose just a few. So i pass these on to everyone. i have to list Ten things that make me happy. here goes:

1. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, the number one thing that makes me happy is my relationship with Jesus Christ. You have to go there first to experience and understand what I'm talking about. Literally if it were not for God I don't know where I would be. So having God in my life truly makes me happy!!!!

2. my family makes me happy. Seeing my son go after his dreams with determination and a humble heart, makes me happy. as a single mother, seeing him accomplish things i did not accomplish makes me happy. through the grace of God this reassures me that I did a good job.

3. helping others makes me happy. when someone is in need and i can give to them truly makes my heart happy. i LOVE giving and helping others. rather it be good advice, food, clothing, helping hand, prayer, time or friendship etc. i just enjoy it. it all represents LOVE to me.

4. being kind and considerate makes me happy. treating people with respect and loving them right where they are makes me happy. i think my struggles really taught me a lot about being humble and treating people with respect. you must always remember that you can learn something from anybody. i'm like a sponge, i try to soak up as much positive information as i can to take with me through my life and pass it on to others.

5. Cooking makes me happy! i LOVE cooking. getting ingredients and mixing them all together to create something so delicious makes me happy. sharing food with others makes me happy. when people genuinely love my food, it makes me happy!

6. decorating makes me happy!! my passion is decorating. it just comes natural and i truly believe that it is a gift from God. i love decorating!

7. Fashion makes me happy! i love fashion! can't live without it. fashion is more than just the name brands and who did it. it's about passion and creativity and the time that goes into these amazing pieces. from shoes, bags,accessories, gowns, intimate wear, fashion magazines,etc., i'm always fascinated with the lines, materials, and structure of the pieces. when i see fashion i see art because that's what it is.

8. Trees make me happy! i truly appreciate all trees. they fascinate me. i hate to see Christmas trees just sitting on the side of the sidewalk with no nourishment. drives me nuts! when i'm traveling, i just enjoy seeing all the beautiful trees.

9. i can't begin to tell you how CHOCOLATE makes me happy. oh my word, i am a true chocoholic. anything chocolate as long as it's of good quality, i'm good. one of my favorite book's as a child was "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory", my teacher would read a chapter as she would pass out these little chocolate bars, so when Charlie took a nibble, we did too. i swear, i can't watch that movie without a chocolate bar. but chocolate is one of my passions. i just feel great eating it. try eating it while reading a book, it's fabulous. just make sure you don't get any on the pages.

10. Art makes me happy! all art makes me happy! creativity makes me happy! art keeps me motivated, balanced and focus. it's therapeutic for me. i enjoy painting and creating beautiful things.

11. and last but not least BELIEVING makes me happy!!! believing in what others may say is unrealistic makes me happy. Go for it and don't stop!

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